Anyone who watches 'Homeland' well knows that the plots and characters driving the first and second season of the Emmy-winning show aren't meant to provide the drama forever. Brody can only remain a credible asset for so long, and eventually Carrie Matheson will need a new terrorist to hunt. As we approach next week's season finale "The Choice," are we any closer to learning what the next season of 'Homeland' will look like? What devastating fate can we gather from two new season finale clips?

With Abu Nazir no longer among the living, 'Homeland's final episode of season 2 feels suspiciously optimistic. Even as Quinn (Rupert Friend) waits in the shadows, Brody and Carrie have been happily reunited, free of any looming terrorist threats and with a clean slate for Brody's misdeeds  Surely though, next Sunday's season 2 finale "The Choice" won't be without consequence, no?

Will Saul be able to accept that Carrie wants a happily ever after with a man who once attempted to blow himself and the vice president to bits? What  of his own troubles with David Estes, seen in last night's "In Memoriam?" And as much as we love our Brody/Carrie getaway stories, the latest clips from "The Choice" are bound to end with at least someone in tears.

Check out two clips from Sunday's 'Homeland' season 2 finale "The Choice" below, and give us your predictions how it all goes down in the comments!