Considering that 'Homeland's' Damian Lewis picked up yet another award for his portrayal of POW-turned-Congressman Nicholas Brody at last night's 2013 Golden Globe Awards, there shouldn't be much doubt that Showtime would look to keep the actor and character present through the show's upcoming third season. But given the events of 'Homeland' season 2 finale "The Choice," how sure can we be Brody will return? Find out the latest on Damian Lewis' involvement in 'Homeland' season 3 inside!

Whether or not you enjoyed 'Homeland' season 2 as much as its Emmy-winning predecessor, there's no argument that Damian Lewis delivered yet another powerhouse performance as the duplicitous Sergeant Nicholas Brody, opposite Claire Danes' CIA analyst Carrie Matheson. However, given the uncertain future placed before Brody in 'Homeland' season 2 finale "The Choice," could the character really return for season 3?

Thankfully, TVLine spoke to 'Homeland' executive producer Howard Gordon, who revealed that Lewis would definitely return for the show's third season, premiering September 29, 2013. “He’s alive so of course he’ll be back,” Gordon said at FOX’s Golden Globe after party. “One of the great challenges of next [season] is how he’ll be back. But there’s no doubt that he will be back.”

Previously, Gordon had been somewhat cagey about Lewis' involvement with the season, though more-so with Brody's family, led by actress Morena Baccarin. “We had a much clearer picture of what the first two seasons would be than we do of what the third season would be," said Gordon after the season 2 finale. "Damian’s involvement and [the family's] is very much up in the air.”

Well, what say you? Are you excited to have Damian Lewis back as Nicholas Brody for 'Homeland' season 3? What did you think of the show's second season? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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