Whether or not you dedicate your Sunday viewings to Homeland and The Affair, it shouldn’t surprise that Seasons 5 and 2 won’t be the last for either. Showtime has officially renewed both its long-running counter-terrorism drama and the extramarital mind-bender for new 2016 orders.

Both Homeland and The Affair have only two episodes left in their fifth and second seasons, respectively, the latter having been upped to twelve installments from the first season’s ten. The Affair in particular will run extra-long with its December 20 finale, as we finally learn who killed Scotty Lockhart (Arrow alum Colin Donnell).

Of course, it remains to be seen if Homeland Season 6 would keep Carrie (Claire Danes) in Berlin for another year, having relocated once more after Season 4 moved the focus to Islamabad. One wonders what The Affair will get up to in Season 3 as well, now that the flashbacks and flash-forwards have seemingly caught up with one another, at least enough to identify its central murderer in the finale.

In the meantime, see how both Homeland and The Affair play out in their final two episodes of 2015, and stay tuned for the latest updates on Season 6 and Season 3.

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