'Homeland' really is the gift that keeps on giving, either blowing us away with masterfully-acted, status-changing episodes like "Q&A," or nail-biting cliffhangers like this past Sunday's "A Gettysburg Address."  So, what could possibly be next?  Will Nicholas Brody's alliance with the CIA hold, or will Brody's entire family crumble before they even get the chance?  Check out the newest clips from this Sunday's "The Clearing" for a sneak peek at what's next!

This past Sunday's 'Homeland' episode "A Gettysburg Address" sent us reeling once more, as we learned that even the CIA itself might not be as secure as we've been led to believe.  Still, there are plenty of secrets on the home front as well, as poor Dana (Morgan Saylor) finds she can't keep the terrible secret of her joyride with Finn Walden (Timothee Chamalet) to herself!  As the latest clip highlights, a scandal in the White House may be afoot.

In the second look from next Sunday's upcoming episode, Congressman Brody once again finds himself beset at all angles with new opportunities for espionage, as Roya Hammad confronts him with new news of their plan.  Will Brody's intel be enough for Carrie to stop the upcoming terrorist plot, or is it too late?

Check out the latest clips from 'Homeland's "The Clearing" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!