Just last month it was announced that the legendary Mel Brooks has joined the cast of ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ as Dracula’s estranged dad, which should make things even more silly and fun this time around. And while the sequel doesn’t hit theaters until next September, the team behind ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ have released a brand new animated video, in which Dracula and his kiddos wish you happy holidays.

The new video/e-card (via ComingSoon) features Dracula and his kids, Mavis and Jonathan, decorating a tree to their liking—which, when you’re the undead, means setting your Christmas tree on fire and enjoying its smoldering remains. Totally normal.

Genndy Tartakovsky returns to direct ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ which features Adam Sandler and the original voice cast along with new addition Mel Brooks. Brooks voices Vlad, Dracula’s estranged father, who comes to the hotel to reconnect with his son and essentially turns everyone’s lives (or un-lives) upside down. Also returning for the film are Andy Samberg and Selena Gomez as Jonathan and Mavis, Steve Buscemi as Wayne Werewolf, Kevin James as Frank, and Keegan-Michael Key as Murray the Mummy.

Tartakovsky, who also created the animated shows ‘Samurai Jack’ and ‘Dexter’s Laboratory,’ is also working on his take on ‘Popeye,’ which should be pretty interesting. ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ hits theaters on September 25, 2015.

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