For as much as 'House' fans bemoaned longtime series star Lisa Edelstein's exit from the series, and exclusion from the FOX drama's final season, we've been equally glad to see the actress popping up all across the tube lately, from 'The Good Wife' to 'Elementary.'  The latest stop on Edelstein's rebound tour is a 'House' of a different sort, heading over to pay-cable for Showtime's 'House of Lies!'  But who might the sexy ex-Cuddy play?

Lisa Edelstein may not have left FOX's 'House' on the best of terms, but we've learned from Showtime that the actress will make an appearance on 'House of Lies' when the show unveils its second season in January.  According to the reports, Edelstein will take the role of Brynn, a smart and sexy political consultant whom Don Cheadle's Marty Kaan encounters on one of his assignments.

The former 'House' star will appear in two episodes of the second season, which also features Kristen Bell and occasional 'Parks and Recreation' star Ben Schwartz.  Edelstein is also scheduled to make an upcoming appearance in CBS' modern Sherlock Holmes drama 'Elementary.'

What say you?  Are you excited to see Lisa Edelstein on 'House of Lies' season 2?  What sexy shenanigans might she get into with Don Cheadle?  Tell us where else you'd like to see Edelstein pop up in the comments!

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