The third downloadable character for Injustice: Gods Among Us has been announced, and longtime Mortal Kombat fans should be ecstatic about the chance to pit one of the franchise's biggest stars against the DC Universe characters.

While Scorpion has faced off with some of the DC heroes and villains previously (in MK vs. DCU), Injustice has an entirely new combat engine to make his appearance here a fresh experience. Most importantly, Scorpion's whole look has been redesigned by DC artist Jim Lee, and now features a very comic hero "the-name-is-in-the-outfit" style.

You can see Scorpion in action against Blackest Night Superman in the footage above, and for all intents and purposes, the undead ninja is just as lethal as ever. NetherRealm has never shied away from brutality, and Scorpion is a prime example of just how hardcore the developer can be. No release date was announced, but season pass holders will get him as a part of the package, while everyone else will have to fork over $5 (400MSP).

Check out the footage, and let us know if you'll be downloading Scorpion when he's available.