Although J.J. Abrams shot an entire sequence for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX, it’s not exactly easy to find a theater showing it in the format, which makes this new featurette pretty interesting. Abrams and the cast of the upcoming film convince fans why they should seek out a legitimate IMAX screening of the film by discussing the magic of shooting with these powerful cameras and teasing the awe-inspiring sequence they created.

It’s more than a little odd that many IMAX theaters are not showing The Force Awakens, though you can see it at theaters that boast the smaller, digital faux-IMAX screens, or what many fans refer to as “LieMAX.” For more on how strange this whole situation is, our own Mike Sampson wrote an interesting piece on the whole situation.

Anyway – Abrams, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega make a case for why you should try to seek out the real IMAX experience for The Force Awakens by talking up how amazing the IMAX cameras are and hinting at the sequence they shot with them, which involves Boyega’s Finn. Abrams revealed that he was shooting one scene for the film with IMAX cameras earlier last year, which had us pretty excited at the prospect of seeing a new Star Wars movie on the big-big screen, though it’s not proving to be as easy as we’d hoped.

If you live near an IMAX theater showing The Force Awakens in the native format, you really should make it a priority to head over there on December 18.

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