As with the most recent development seasons, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' director J.J. Abrams has his hands in a number of TV pots -- from the 'Fringe'-like 'Almost Human' to NBC's sci-fi drama 'Believe' -- but the latest project could prove the most high-profile to date. Abrams will develop 'Twilight Zone' creator Rod Serling's last script as an event miniseries, but what will the buzzworthy project entail?

Rod Serling may be the most recognized name behind 'The Twilight Zone,' but director/producer magnate J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot may soon steal the title. Via The Hollywood Reporter, we've learned that Abrams and his company will soon develop Serling's unproduced final screenplay 'The Stops Along the Way.'

While the plot remains under wraps, it's unclear what exact role writer/director/producer Abrams would have with the project should a network opt to produce it. But if it moves forward, the adaptation of Serling's work would join Abrams' four other series of the 2013-14 season, including NBC's 'Revolution,' and CBS drama 'Person of Interest,' as well as upcoming drama offerings NBC's 'Believe' and FOX's 'Almost Human.'

Well, what say you? Do you think J.J. Abrams can bring to life the work of the late, great Rod Serling?