This weekend 'Star Trek Into Darkness' roared into theaters, and -- like any project based on a fanboy favorite property -- it's been put under the nerd-complaint microscope. One of the criticisms that stuck is that J.J. Abrams and the writers unnecessarily included a shot of Alice Eve in her skivvies. Abrams addressed that on 'Conan' and tried to apologize by showing a cut scene of Benedict Cumberbatch showering.

Abrams makes two points: One, that he had showed Kirk shirtless in bed and he felt that sort of balanced things out, and two, that he may have shot that sequence poorly. He didn't address the third problem, which is that the character had so little to do in the movie that by neglecting her character it made the sequence of Eve in her underwear the character's defining moment.

To their credit Abrams and co-writer Damon Lindelof have at least acknowledged that this is a fair complaint and though the whole interview is based around showing half-naked people, Abrams seems genuine in his apology. The bonus for fans is that when Abrams made light of it with Conan O'Brien he showed deleted footage from the movie. Whether showing Benedict Cumberbatch showering makes amends is hard to say, but it should make some 'Sherlock' fans happy, if nothing else.

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