Even before the release of 'Skyfall,' the producers of James Bond are so confident with the franchise that they've announced that they're planning on making a follow up in 2014. This isn't all that surprising as the Bond series has been going on for fifty years, and the last film made over a half a billion worldwide. Still, that's cojones.

This came from from MI6, who got this out of CinemaCon, and it's worth noting that 'Skyfall' would have been released much much earlier than its scheduled November 9 release date if MGM hadn't gone through a disastrous budget shortage that saw them sell off completed films 'The Cabin in the Woods' and 'Red Dawn.' Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes were on this long before they ever started shooting and they waited until the red tape was cleared up - tape that was bound to be cleared up for such a proven franchise.

What's interesting is that there's no word about whether Craig or anyone else might return. Craig may still be under contract (often actors are signed on for three films, though Marvel and the new franchise sensibilities may have changed that number), but - at the end of the day - does it really matter? Craig is the sixth official Bond (with many more if you include the 1967 'Casino Royale'), and - as has been proven over and over again - Craig can easily be replaced.