We don’t know exactly when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is coming out, but we know that it’s happening, and happening soon. And director James Gunn seems to have hinted at a possible summer 2020 release date, which would put it right in line with the other evenly-spaced Guardians movies, the first of which came out in 2014, and the second arrived this year.

While answering a fan’s comment on one of his Facebook posts yesterday, Gunn said that we’d all see the third Guardians installment in “a little under three years.” So, does that mean something like May of 2020? Sounds like it. Disney and Marvel currently have openings May 1, August 6, and November 6 that year. The first Guardians of the Galaxy opened in early August of 2014, but this year Guardians Vol. 2 opened in May, and maybe it would make sense to keep the height of summer trend going.

Guardians movies are primo summer flicks, and while Wonder Woman creamed it at the box office this summer, Guardians Vol. 2’s take still wasn’t too shabby. Marvel doesn’t have anything else planned for 2020, though a Black Panther or Captain Marvel sequel isn’t a bad bet. It’s tough to predict what’ll happen to the MCU once the Infinity War saga turns it on its head, but I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that, no matter what, the Guardians will definitely be there on the other side.

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