There’s a lot to navigate when you’re making a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters from another dimension, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. Things like a quick cameo from your fellow director buddy in which he plays a DJ rocking out in the shadow of a kaiju skeleton.

James Gunn revealed on Monday on Twitter that he actually filmed a short cameo for Pacific Rim Uprising, in which he played a very fashionably dressed party DJ during what I imagine is that opening club scene when we first meet Jake Pentecost (John Boyega).

Honestly, I’m loving the looks here, especially Gunn’s spiked-up anime hair and thick glasses. He looks like he could alternately play an extra in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie without changing a thing. I would have loved to see if I could have recognized him in Uprising. Fingers crossed for his DJ spinoff. Or at least a deleted scene or two on the Blu-ray.

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