Jamie Foxx and Kevin Hart are two of Hollywood's hottest actors at the moment -- Foxx takes center stage in both 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' (as the villain Electro) and the 'Annie' remake (starring opposite Quvenzhané Wallis as Bejamin Stacks, a play on Daddy Warbucks), while Hart has starred in comedy after comedy, including 'Think Like a Man,' 'About Last Night' and 'Ride Along.' So it's about time these two got together to headline their own film, and they're now in talks to star in 'The Black Phantom.'

Despite the name, it is not a superhero movie, so those hoping for something to hold us over until Marvel develops that long-awaited 'Black Panther' flick can chill for the moment. According to Variety, the film instead follows "a double-crossed mob hitman who enlists the help of the Black Phantom, the same African-American hitman who had been sent to kill him." As the deals are not sealed at this point, there's no word yet on which actor would play which character, though this does mark another move ahead in Hollywood's new direction.

Whether you realize it or not, 'Ride Along,' which starred Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, was a major success in more ways than one. Aside from further launching Hart into becoming one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, it also reinforced the idea that films with predominantly African-American leads are not bad things. Aside from the upcoming 'Ride Along 2,' 'The Black Phantom' is another example of more diversified casts.

Tim Story, who directed 'Ride Along,' is in talks to helm 'The Black Phantom,' which also includes Will Packer (another 'Ride Along' alum) as a producer with Will Gluck (who's directing Foxx's 'Annie'). See how that all intertwines? As for the duo, Foxx is riding a steady wave of film work, while Hart is getting more popular by the minute, so Screen Gems would do well to lock both down asap.