Long in development, Jason Segel and director Jake Kasdan have been trying to get the film 'Sex Tape' going for over a year. When we last reported the duo were looking to reunite with their 'Bad Teacher' star Cameron Diaz, and now -- a year later -- it looks like that's finally going to happen.

According to The Wrap, Diaz is in early negotiations to play the part, and this time it sounds like it might happen. The premise of the movie is that a married couple (Segel, Diaz) decide to spice it up in the bedroom by filming themselves, only for the tape to go missing the next day. Sounds vaguely 'Hangover'-ish to us, but there's all sorts of ways for the story to go. What may be most interesting to see is how they account for the tape part of the title, as home video cameras are a little passé. But titles like 'Sex webcam show' or 'Sex Vine' just aren't as catchy.

What's funny about this long development is that Jake Kasdan was coming off of directing 'Bad Teacher,' which made over $100 million domestically (and over $200 million worldwide), and Segel is also a viable leading man. You'd think this project would have a much easier time moving forward, but alas.

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