We've already seen the heavy use of Jay-Z in the new 'Great Gatsby' trailer and it looks like that won't be all we see (or hear) of HOVA and 'Gatsby.' It turns out Jay will composing original music for the 'Great Gatsby' score.

The Bullitts, the rap/electronic collaborative from producer Jeymes Samuel, tweeted the news last night that he and Jay are working on something for 'The Great Gatsby' -

This might be news to Craig Armstrong, who is formally listed as the 'Great Gatsby' composer and has worked with director Baz Luhrmann on 'Moulin Rouge!' More likely, Jay, Samuel and Armstrong are all working together to create a modern-yet-classical feel for the 'Gatsby' score.

Whatever it is, we hope Jay-Z's work stays in the picture. As we recently learned from Jack White, just because a music star signs on to write a film's score, that's no guarantee we'll ever actually hear it with the film.

'The Great Gatsby' hits theaters on May 10, 2013.