Over the weekend we learned that Wes Anderson is returning to the stop-motion animation format for his next film, which will take place in the world of dogs, thus sort of making up for how many dogs Anderson has killed in his films (including his previous stop-motion film, Fantastic Mr. Fox). And it looks like Anderson is already lining up the voice cast, which includes a few regulars along with one Anderson-newcomer.

Nerdist reports that Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton and Bob Balaban will lend their voices to Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion film, as confirmed by Goldblum himself during his weekly jazz show in Los Angeles (yes, this is a thing, and yes, it is amazing). The report seems to be further verified by Page Six, who spotted Cranston and Norton having dinner with Anderson and Bill Murray, and although Goldblum did not confirm Murray’s involvement, it’s safe to speculate that the actor and frequent Anderson star will probably join the cast.

Not much is known about the plot, though it is said to center on dogs and Goldblum added that it’s “Japanese-inspired.” Goldblum and Norton previously appeared in The Grand Budapest Hotel, while Goldblum also starred in The Life Aquatic and Norton appeared in Moonrise Kingdom with Balaban. This will be Cranston’s first time appearing in an Anderson film.

Anderson previously utilized stop-motion animation for Fantastic Mr. Fox and has directed a few animated commercials over the years, and the format suits his specific aesthetic and humor quite well. Given the extended production time on animated features and the time Anderson spent on Fantastic Mr. Fox, it might be a couple of years before we see his latest project hit the big screen. But it is possible that the director might find time to simultaneously work on his other upcoming project, an Italian-inspired anthology film.