The final installment in The Hunger Games franchise had barely hit theaters before Lionsgate started talking up plans for a potential series of prequels, as if dessert had just arrived at the table and there’s ol’ eager Lionsgate, already talking about picking up some snacks on the way home. Let’s not get greedy here, okay? Take it from your pal, Jennifer Lawrence.

While speaking with Variety, Lawrence confirmed that she won’t be involved in any Hunger Games prequels — hypothetical or otherwise — and suggested that it’s a little too early to be talking about this whole thing anyway:

I think it’s too soon. They’ve got to let the body get cold, in my opinion.

You just killed the franchise. Mockingjay – Part 2 hasn’t even left theaters yet. The body is nowhere near cold — it’s still warm. And it’s not as if Lionsgate doesn’t have other potential franchises lined up. The studio is working with Mockingjay director Francis Lawrence to develop Homer’s classic The Odyssey into a possible series of films. Then there’s Robin Hood: Origins, starring Kingsman’s Taron Egerton, which they’re hoping to launch into a franchise. And then there’s the possibility of an entire series of John Wick films, should the sequel prove as successful — or more so — than the first.

The studio just doesn’t want to let their most viable franchise die, which is understandable. It’s like refusing to let someone break up with you when there’s clearly nothing left. Just cherish the good times and let it go.

Besides, Mockingjay made less at the box office than Catching Fire, with Mockingjay – Part 2 making even less than its predecessor and resulting in the lowest-grossing film of the franchise. These diminishing returns seem to indicate that no one really wants a Hunger Games prequel series, so let’s just cool all this crazy talk, okay?

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