Though it was one of last year's most hyped movies, 'Attack the Block' wasn't much of a performer stateside, so it was hard to know how writer-director Joe Cornish would land. He was supposedly considered for 'Die Hard 5,' but now he has his next gig: Adapting Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash' for Paramount.

Being in business with Paramount these days sounds sketchy after the troubles they've had with 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' and 'World War Z,' but the film's producer would be Kathleen Kennedy of Kennedy/Marshall, according to Deadline. Cornish has worked with Kennedy before as she was one of the producers on 'The Adventures of Tintin,' so it's likely that they have a good working relationship.

This isn't 'Snow Crash's first time trying to be adapted - Paramount had the rights when the book was published back in 1992, but the science fiction novel probably needed CGI and home computer technology to catch up to its ideas. The novel follows Hiro Protagonist, a samurai sword-wielding, pizza-delivering computer whiz who finds out about the new drug called Snow Crash that also functions as a computer virus. From that you can tell this sort of material needs a smart, savy filmmaker to adapt it. Thank god they got Joe Cornish.