Jon Turteltaub does not shy away from the fantasy genre, which he proves time and time again with his projects like the 'National Treasure' series or 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.' He's looking to continue suspending your disbelief of the world around you once more, but this time with a strange little movie called 'Beached.'

There are still a few of us who are still wrapped up in the love of this year's summer Olympics, which explains a bit more as to why 'Beached' has risen from its development grave. The project in question has been bobbing in and out of development since the late nineties. At one point there even was a director attached, Betty Thomas, but it's been pretty much sitting in limbo ever since. She finally detached herself from the project and now Turteltaub is taking a swing at it.

'Beached' focuses on an overweight four-year-old boy who gets lost at sea. While out in the big blue ocean he is raised by whales and eventually turns into an Olympic swimmer, says The Hollywood Reporter. We hope they give him the ability to talk coherently and not in whale-speak, or else this will turn into a comedy really fast. But still, we're looking at quire an intriguing story line so we're curious to see how Turteltaub and company will go about it.