He’s doing it again. Josh Gad has been pestering Daisy Ridley with Star Wars questions for weeks, and this time he’s enlisted the help of their fellow Murder on the Orient Express passenger Judi Dench. But Ridley is one stone-cold secret-keeper, and she’s not backing down anytime soon.

Gad posted yet another video on his Facebook account today. The setup is, by now, familiar: Ridley is invited to his trailer, Gad ambushes her with a camera, and she stands there stony-faced waiting for him to stop asking who “The Last Jedi” is. This time, Dench is along for the ride, and at least now we know what it sounds like when Judi Dench says “Is Snoke Palpatine?”

Not even Dame Judi Dench can get any spoilers out of her, although the video does cut out at a weird point. After staring Dench down (which itself is a feat not even a Jedi master could accomplish) Ridley says, “Okay.” But is that an “Okay, I’ll tell you everything” kind of “Okay,” or an “Okay, listen up you clowns” kind of “Okay”? She’s either a fantastic actress (well, she is) or she’s visibly uncomfortable in all of these videos, which makes me wish Gad would put a stop to it or there really will be a murder on the Orient Express. She does seem to soften a little with Dench, but we shouldn’t expect any spoilers out of her all the same.

Maybe Gad ought to make like his Frozen co-star and, uh, let it go.

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