Josh Gad is sick of talking about Frozen. That's fair — as the father of a young daughter, I'm sick of watching it. So, there was some mutual sympathy as I caught up with Gad while he was out promoting Pixels and asked for an update on Frozen 2.

Gad, who self-describes himself and a nerd, was surprisingly honest and upfront about the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular animated films of all-time. Yes, Frozen 2 is definitely happening, he says and he offered up a tease for what the sequel would have in store for fans and it's ... unexpected to say the least. Yet, I would definitely watch this version of Frozen 2 and I would probably never get sick of it (which is saying something).
In addition to Frozen 2, we talked about what it means to be a nerd and why he's so happy that nerddom has become the norm, and how he improv’d his way through one of the funniest moments in the film.
Pixels opens in theaters tomorrow.