It’s always best to save the full reveal of your big bad for last, and Warner Bros. is doing just that. We’ve seen plenty of new Justice League footage, from the latest full-length trailer to TV spots and the recent character-based weeks on social media. But the newest TV spot of the latest addition to the DCEU finally shows off a better look at the team’s main foe: Steppenwolf.

So far, Ciaran Hinds’ villain has only popped up briefly, shown in a few quick shots on the Comic-Con trailer and providing some ominous voiceover. Despite that Halloween mask, we’ve hardly gotten a good look at the DC supervillain. But the new international Justice League trailer from the U.K. is all about Steppenwolf. “Long before I was born,” Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman says in a voiceover, “He came as the spearhead of an alien invasion.” After that same shot of Steppenwolf landing with his axe, the TV spot shows him taunting an innocent bystander. It’s not much, but it’s something!

In other Justice League news, Entertainment Weekly debuted a new track from Danny Elfman’s score. The magazine also shared the full track list for the soundtrack (out Nov. 10) including The White Stripes, Sigrid, and of course, Gary Clarke Jr. and Junkie XL’s cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” from the past few teasers. Check out Elfman’s “Hero’s Theme,” the third track off the release, below.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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