Justified’ season 4 takes a bite of its third episode of the year “Truth and Consequences,” as Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant)’ and the Marshals investigate the mysterious Drew Thompson's widow, while Raylan deals with Lindsey's bruiser ex-husband Randall (Robert Baker) and Boyd engages in a deadly stand-off with the charismatic Preacher Billy (Joseph Mazzello).

Last week’s ‘Justified’ episode “Where's Waldo?” saw Raylan attempting to track down the mysterious Truth family, as Boyd confronted the Last Chance Holiness church and tried to broker a deal with the Dixie Mafia, so what will the latest episode of ‘Justified’ bring? Will Raylan be the one to uncover “Waldo Truth,” or will the new church come to take his attention as well?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Justified’ season 4 episode 3 “Truth and Consequences!”

Late one night in the Last Chance Holiness Church, Cassie St. Cyr (Lindsay Pulpisher) leaves her brother’s tent to find Boyd Crowder waiting to offer her a bribe to leave Harlan behind. She counters telling Boyd they’ll only leave if he builds a place for the Church to go, but as we all know, Boyd isn’t one to take threats lightly.

Back at his apartment, Raylan waits for Lindsey to come upstairs, as she explains that her husband Randall used to have her get close to men before ripping them off of their money. Randall’s jealously went too far one night, and beating a man landed him in prison, but even with his parole, she isn’t interested in that life anymore. Or so she says.

Having failed to take things the easy way, Boyd sends Colton and Jimmy into the church to cause trouble, but in their sneaking around Jimmy gets bit by a cadre of loose snakes, one of which remains embedded in his face after he shoots it off! Colton takes a dying Jimmy back to Boyd’s bar, but with Johnny not answering his phone, Boyd sends Colton to go fetch a doctor.

The next day, Raylan pays a visit to Randall at his gym, pointing out that the terms of the man's parole dictate he not leave the state of Florida. Raylan offers him until 6:00 to pack up and leave, but Randall instead offers to “put a little limp in that Gary Cooper walk.” Later back at the office, Art scolds Rachel for nearly getting herself killed with a reckless arrest, and shows Raylan the file for Drew Thompson’s supposed widow Eve Munroe (Julia Campbell). At the time of his supposed death, Drew Thompson was wanted as a witness in a sealed FBI case, further arousing everyone’s Marshal stiffies.

Elsewhere, Johnny Crowder meets with Wynn Duffy in his RV, and again offers to become partners, even if it means serving Boyd up to be killed. Boyd meanwhile watches as the doctor pries the snake off of Jimmy’s poor face.

Tim and Raylan pay a visit to Drew Thompson’s widow Eve Munroe, who herself had been investigated a number of times for her phony psychic practices. Eve claims to have no knowledge of her ex-husband’s whereabouts, even his life, but she does manage to impress Raylan by guessing his plans to meet Randall at a gym later that day. Tim notices a mysterious man approaching the house, and sends Eve to hide in her half-bathroom, but the man reveals himself to be an FBI agent also searching for Drew Thompson. Eve attempts to flee regardless, but only gets as far as her backyard before a mafia thug captures and kidnaps her, and before Raylan and the others realize what’s happened.

Back at the station FBI agent Barnes chides Tim and Raylan for their failure to secure Eve Munroe, and throws about the usual FBI rap of taking the case out from under them, but Raylan insists something feels off about the whole incident. True to form, on his way out the building Barnes calls the thug who kidnapped Eve Munroe, though his only reason for seeking Drew Thompson is to protect him and his family from unknown figures blackmailing them. Later, in a dirty motel, the mafia thug begins his interrogation of Eve for Drew’s location.

Johnny returns to the bar to find a suspicious Boyd, while all - including the doctor - seem surprised that Jimmy could have survived his injuries from so many venomous bites. Meanwhile, Raylan visits Randall’s gym to find he’d cleared out as instructed, but on his way out Raylan runs into Barnes. Barnes claims to have followed him to see if he had withheld Drew Thompson’s location, but Raylan realizes that a captive Eve must have instructed Barnes to find Thompson at a gym she knew Raylan would visit. Barnes raises his gun, warning Raylan of bad people out for Thompson, and shoots himself in the head after giving up Eve’s location.

The Marshals manage to rescue Eve just in the nick of time, and she reluctantly agrees to cooperate in the search for Drew Thompson. She explains that years ago she happened upon Drew burning their old photos, and preparing to fake his death. Eve reluctantly gives up one bit she hadn’t told the police years ago, that Drew long ago witnessed crime lord Theo Tonin murdering a government informant.

At the Last Chance Holiness church, Preacher Billy raises the crowd’s spirits with tales of how his snakes cast out the devils in their midst, to which Boyd Crowder again appears, as if on cue. Boyd presents a challenge to the preacher, claiming that all of his snakes had been milked of their venom, and that a truly divine preacher would have no trouble handling a wild snake not stripped of its poison. Boyd presents the snake and goads Billy into a demonstration, but Cassie admits to her brother that she indeed milked the snakes of venom, given what happened to their father.

Accusing Billy of being out for self-glorification as he once was, Boyd watches as Billy accepts the challenge against his sister’s pleas, and brings the snake on stage with him. Even after Boyd’s own warnings, the snake indeed bites Billy’s arm with its full venom, and as the preacher collapses and Cassie calls for an ambulance, Boyd saunters away.

Raylan returns to the bar to find Rachel drinking, and joins her for a glass. The weary Marshal expresses his surprise that Randall wasn’t waiting for him at the gym, also noting Lindsey’s curious absence from the bar. On word that Lindsey went upstairs hours ago, Rachel and Raylan investigate to find his apartment tossed and turned, and his stash of ill-gotten money missing. Roll credits.

We're certainly hoping that we haven't seen the last of the intriguing Preacher Billy, as Boyd's dealings with the church have proven to be some of 'Justified's most colorful scenes yet. We were also surprised to see Raylan's story with bartender Lindsey take such an unexpected turn, even with his new lady love's status as a peripheral character. So far the season seems to be putting Raylan through a number of struggles to to get ahead, so we don't mind saying that the character could use a bit of redemption in the near future. And finally, we're excited to see where the Waldo Truth/Drew Thompson mystery goes now with its connection to Theo Tonin, particularly given Johnny Crowder's nefarious dealings with Wynn Duffy.

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