While 'Justified' already premiered its season 4 premiere "Hole in the Wall" earlier this week, news continues to pour out from the FX gunslinger drama (most recently the news of Mykelti Williamson's return), and Raylan Givens seems to be slipping closer and closer over that line of lawlessness. We've already seen the hat-wearing marshal take up less-than-legal sidework, but could this be the season Givens finally breaks bad? Check out the latest season 4 trailer for a clue!

We've heard quite a bit about 'Justified' season 4 from FX and series showrunner Graham Yost, notably that Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) wouldn't face any central big bads so much as find himself investigating a decades-old mystery that takes him through the many levels and people of Harlan County. That said, with a baby on the way and ever-loosening morality, could Raylan find himself as lawless as Boyd Crowder, or even his incarcerated father?

FX has released a new trailer for the show's fourth season, highlighting a number of episodes beyond the premiere and next Tuesday's follow-up. In particular, it seems Raylan might be breaking bad on his own, as his frequent disregard for the law finds him in the cross-hairs of investigation once more, even by his friends. Will Raylan finally get his act together, or end the season in handcuffs like his father?

Check out the new 'Justified' season 4 trailer below, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!