In an all new episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kris Jenner continues on with her side project of being a business music manager with her partner, Babyface. After spending a boys day out with his son Brandon, Bruce Jenner's mind gets to working that Kris should take on Brandon and his wife Leah Felder's upstart duo to help give them a needed push to get to the next level. Kris is hesitant about taking on more work as she feels she's at her maximum load with managing all of her own kids. Bruce's feelings get hurt with her reaction, but all is set at ease when Brandon feels that having a manager who is also his step-mom would be a little uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian's pregnant hormones continue to make her an emotional roller coaster, as she longs for the romance she is lacking in her relationship with Scott. Scott has a little fun at Kourt's expense by getting a spray tan (complete with a spray-on six pack) and waits for his lady to come home to find him on a ladder fixing nails on the shutters, shirtless, just like she would see played out in one of her romantic movies. Not sure how to take it, Kourtney is unamused and heads inside the house to relax.

Scott seeks relationship advice from Bruce, who only brings the expectant father even more fears of what is to come in years down the road, now that he and Kourtney will be parents to a little girl with their new arrival later this year. Scott tried one last tactic to show Kourtney that he can be a romantic by having Aunt Kiki (Kim Kardashian) taking Mason over night to let the couple have a little alone time. This time Kourtney comes home to red roses, candles, dinner and Scott dressed sharply for their date night.

Back at the Jenner household, Kris falls in love once again with the game of tennis, which she and her family played religiously when the kids were growing up with their father, Robert Kardashian. She and Kim hit the local tennis store to get stocked up on wardrobe, rackets and balls to have family time on the court. The kids have fun at Kris' expense by teasing their mother's excessive grunts that come along with every stroke and every time she makes contact with the ball. After Kris' feelings are hurt and she gives up on trying to have something fun to do as a family, Kim makes it right by presenting her mom with a brand new Chanel tennis racket and racket case, complete with tennis balls, also with the Chanel logo.

Just another day in the life of the Kardashians! Stay tuned next week for our recap of another all new episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'