In the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Kourtney Kardashian is getting closer and closer to giving birth to her little girl. As she weighs her options, she decides to look into home birth using a water bath. After meeting with specialists and getting her boyfriend, Scott Disick, on board, Kourtney is able to sit front and center for an at-home birth to see if it's the option she would like to go with for baby No. 2.

With sister Khloe by her side, Kourtney gets a little nervous after the birth and begins to reconsider. She reflects back on her labor with son Mason and the luxury she had being in the care of hospital staff in case anything went wrong. That, and the thought of sitting in water above 100 degrees, makes her not so eager to opt for the water bath birth at home!

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner seeks professional help for a sleeping disorder that keeps him tossing and turning at night. After his latest sleep slap at his wife's face, his son talks him into having testing done to see why he is such a restless sleeper. While the doctors work out their solution, Bruce comes up with his own... putting his flying arm in a sling at night, that way he can still sleep by Kris' side without fearing hitting her in his sleep.

Kris has her own things on her mind in the new episode, however. When the girls fear that their grandmother, "MJ," isn't doing well health-wise, they decide to take a road trip to San Diego to pay her a much-needed and long overdue visit. Their hearts and minds are set at ease upon seeing MJ and spending time with their grandma. Kris is moved when seeing her grandbaby, Mason, running around in the same backyard where her own children once played when they were his age.

Kris' emotions run even higher as she breaks down to Khloe and Rob about the reality of how she will feel when the day comes that her mother is no longer present. Khloe may not be a mother yet, but takes a very nurturing role with her own mom, encouraging her to share those thoughts and feelings with MJ before it's too late.

The 'Mother's & Daughters' episode leaves the viewers seeing a softer side of the Kardashian clan, showing that at the end of the day, they are human like the rest of us!