The beautiful and hilarious Kat Dennings will indeed return for 'Thor 2,' because we know you were all incredibly worried about whether or not she'd come back to adorably refer to Thor's hammer as "meow-meow."

Deadline reports that Kat Dennings is returning for the 'Thor' sequel, titled 'Thor: The Dark World.' We expect she will be a cute ray of sunshine in this "dark world" of which the title speaks. Dennings will reprise her role as Darcy Lewis, friend of Natalie Portman's Jane, and it also seems that Dennings' role will be a bit bigger than it was the first time around. As it damn well should be, Hollywood decision-makers.

'Thor: The Dark World' will hit theaters on November 8, 2013, starring Chris Hemsworth and that hair as the titular hero. Little is known about the film's plot at this time.

Dennings currently co-stars with Beth Behrs on the CBS sitcom '2 Broke Girls,' a notably flawed show about two -- duh -- broke girls and roommates who work together in a local diner, dishing up sass and what not. Dennings plays the oft-apathetic and sarcastic Max, while Behrs plays her perky friend Caroline, a society girl who lost her fortune when her father committed massive fraud. The two of them live in Williamsburg where Kat Dennings' flannel feels more comfortable and less judged.


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