Well as expected, the Kardashian family all made nice by the end of the latest two-parter episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' where they vacationed in the Dominican Republic. But the family had just a little more drama and stressful moments to get through first!

Still miffed over the thought that his wife may have gone behind his back to meet up with her ex, Bruce decides to leave Kris in the cold by relocating to a different sleeping area in the vacation house. The next morning, Kris wokes up to a shocking sight. While eating dinner the night before, she received some sort of allergic reaction and her entire upper lip swelled up, making her the laughing stock of the morning. She feels even worse after Bruce comments that maybe that was God's way of punishing her for sneaking around behind his back. Bruce and the kids carry on without Kris for the afternoon, where they went skeet shooting.

But Bruce and Kris weren't the only couple having a rocky vacation. Kourtney and Scott's ongoing saga continued, with the pregnant Kardashian scolding her boyfriend after a drunken night out with Rob that resulted in him urinating in a garbage can inside the house and not wanting to be social the next day. Scott decided to not stand up for himself or argue with Kourt, so he left the situation and threatened he was going back to L.A.

Later that afternoon when Bruce returned, he and Kris discuss Kourtney and Scott's situation as Bruce realizes he is nit-picking Scott for some of the same issues he has in dealing with his relationship with Kris. After Kris told Bruce she never met up with her former flame, he decided to track Scott down for a little one-on-one talk with his step-daughter's boyfriend. As they got into their conversation, Scott filled Bruce in on why he left the race track two weeks prior, after Bruce introduced his two sons to the owner, then turned to Scott and said he was just a "friend." Bruce realized the insensitivity behind his words and Scott continued to pour his heart out about not feeling like part of the family, even after six years of being with Kourtney.

Meanwhile, Kris had her own little talk with Kourtney as they hit up some of the local gift shops and encouraged her daughter to make a purchase for Scott to show just how much he meant to her. Kourtney bought a "love bracelet" for Scott and presented it to him at the end of the show.

The family all came together for their final night in the Dominican Republic to have one last dinner all together where they spoke of their highlights of the trip as well as the low points. All was good in the world of the Kardashians by the end of the episode, putting a check mark next to their latest family vacation as being one big success.