The ‘90s kid in all of us winces a bit whenever word spreads of bad blood between Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, the former graduating from Nickelodeon to SNL, and the latter far less visible. Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon has taken our order, reuniting the pair for another “Good Burger” sketch on last night’s Tonight Show.

Securing his bid as a leader in late-night viral video, as well the streak of reuniting past casts, Fallon brought back Kel Mitchell as air-headed cashier Ed, first joining the former All That star as a Good Burger employee, before stepping out. In walks Kenan Thompson, reprising his role as construction worker Lester Oaks, the first reunion of Kenan & Kel we’ve seen in years.

Despite sharing a stage in 2005 for the All That 10th anniversary special, Kenan & Kel largely parted ways after the 1997 cinematic Good Burger, the former moving onto SNL, while Mitchell unsuccessfully auditioned, and subsequently took on lower-profile work. Mitchell had previously implied that he and Kenan were no longer on good terms, and will next headline Nickelodeon’s upcoming series, Game Shakers.

In any case, hang onto ‘90s nostalgia just a little longer by the above reunion, and stick around to find out who next Fallon gathers together, after Full House and Saved by the Bell.