When you think of Santa Claus, what do you think of? Fur-lined red coats? Red- and green-wrapped presents? Cookies left out by the fireplace? A successful decade-and-half-long standup comedy and acting career working with the likes of Judd Apatow, Ice Cube, and Dwayne Johnson? If it’s that last one, first of all, really? Second of all, you’re in luck, because professional standup comedian and actor Kevin Hart is in talks to play Santa Claus in Disney’s Dashing Through the Snow.

According to The Wrap, Hart is currently in negotiations to star as the jolly old gift-giver in a new holiday-themed film Disney is planning. The movie will be set in New York City (naturally) and will focus on a detective who needs to fix his relationship with his son. The only way he can do that... somehow involves Santa Claus. It sounds like a funny family holiday film in the vein of something like Elf.

The film began as an original idea from Scott Rosenberg, the producer of Con Air, so we’re already off to a great start. Rob Burnett is writing the script, and Disney is currently looking for a director. If all goes well we might even see this in theaters by the end of next year.

Kevin Hart can certainly be described as jolly, and has proven himself a worthy comedic co-star in recent films like Central Intelligence and Ride Along, and will be appearing as Moose Finbar in next year’s Jumanji movie with Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan.