Usually, Game of Thrones stars wait until they’ve been good and killed off to take any other major TV roles, but since when has Kit Harington’s Westeros tenure ever followed the normal path? The once and future Jon Snow is getting ready for another TV gig closer to home, set to remember, remember the fifth of November in a new Gunpowder miniseries.

Deadline reports that the Game of Thrones star is in talks to both produce, and star in the Guy Fawkes BBC series (uncertain as who), set to unfurl in three hour-long episodes. The tentatively-titled Gunpowder comes from Endemol Shine Group-owned Kudos, the same behind Broadchurch and AMC’s Humans. So reads the Gunpowder synopsis:

Set in 1605, the historical drama is based around British radical Fawkes and a group of provincial English Catholics who attempted to blow up the House of Lords in UK Parliament and kill King James I in order to help restore a Catholic to the crown. The attempted plot, or Gunpowder Plot as its known, was foiled on November 5 when authorities at Westminster Palace found Fawkes guarding the explosives. To this day, Brits celebrate Guy Fawkes Night every year on November 5 with a fireworks display and by burning his effigy on a bonfire.

Intriguingly, Harington himself is supposedly descended from Fawkes associate Robert Catesby, and had even been working on his own screenplay related to the Gunpowder Plot. Filming would presumably take place after Game of Thrones Season 7 production wraps, but feel free to stir those Jon Snow death rumors again!

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