Kong’s helicopter hatred continues in the new trailer tease for Kong: Skull Island that the movie’s official Twitter account posted earlier today. In the 9-second clip, the big gorilla can be seen with both halves of a helicopter in either paw, ready to smash them into the ground. It’s an extremely cool shot, one that shows the immensity of Kong from below and makes him look way scarier and more primordial than he’s looked in any movie thus far.

The actual footage lasts for only about two seconds, and then it cuts to a title card that reads “2 DAYS,” indicating that the full-length trailer will be here on Wednesday. Then, the clip cuts to about a second of scribbled writing as if on the beginning of a film leader (like that countdown you’d see before or after watching an old movie in a theater), and then the message “All Hail the King.” King Kong is imminent.

But let’s talk a bit about that scribbled writing and the “2 DAYS” card: both have the symbol for the MONARCH organization on them, which is the organization introduced in Gareth EdwardsGodzilla tasked with finding and studying “massive unidentified terrestrial organisms.” The movie’s blacklight posters that fans received at this year’s NYCC indicated that MONARCH will have a bigger role in this movie, as Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston’s characters are headed there in a mission specifically for the organization. Or maybe they think they’re there for some other purpose, and won’t know until they arrive on Skull Island that their botanical safari to find rare orchids is actually a hunt for an ape the size of a McMansion.

Kong: Skull Island will smash its way into theaters March 10, 2017.

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