'The Legend of Korra' has gone through a lot of changes, and "Change" coincidentally happens to be the subtitle for Book 3 -- as Korra adjusts to a world that lives in tandem with the spirits and Team Avatar looks to recruit more Airbenders, four new villains have emerged, and all the remaining episodes have ditched the TV medium to be aired online at Nick.com.

Following the 'Legend of Korra' panel at Comic-Con 2014, we caught up with the faces (or, rather, the voices) of this series, Janet Varney (Korra) and David Faustino (Mako), to get a better idea of how these changes will impact the rest of the season, as well as the already-filmed Book 4.

Fans needn't worry, though, since Faustino says the TV-to-online change will better serve the fanbase. "The show has a giant following online and always has, and that's how it really started out," he said. "Last minute, Nickelodeon...put it in a time slot that may or may not've worked there, but right now our fans always have been online, so nothing's changing."

As for 'The Legend of Korra' Book 4, Faustino reiterates that it is still happening and that it's already been recorded (which they did last year) and is now in post-production. However, they were pretty tightlipped about what's coming. "Our bosses are right there!" joked Varney, pointing offscreen.

The stars were also pretty silent about the remaining episodes of Book 3, but, through their admission that we were getting into spoiler territory, they did seem to confirm suspicions that the four super-bender villains are somehow tied into what's going on in the Earth Kingdom. "Mike [Dante DiMartino] and Brian [Konietzko] were talking earlier today [at the Comic-Con panel] about how they like the idea of sort of having that shadow version of our Team Avatar," said Varney. "...When you have that sort of mirror image, but it's sort of like the dark side of it, it really does rile people up because it feels so close to home; it's sort of the twisted version of what you've come to love."

Catch 'The Legend of Korra' Book 3 on Nick.com, and watch more Comic-Con 2014 videos below.

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