The Legend of Korra’ will continue its final season tomorrow on, streaming Book 4: “Balance”’s second episode, “Korra Alone,” but who wants to wait that long? We’re on hand tonight at the New York Comic-Con 2014 panel to bring you all the scoops, including details on tomorrow’s episode, concept art, future plans and more! So, what secrets lay in store at ‘The Legend of Korra’’s final Comic-Con panel?

We began the panel with a screening of the episode, which we’d dare not spoil (cough, MAJOR CHARACTER RETURN!). A few highlights of the installment, which traces Korra’s path through the three-year time-jump include some ‘Kill Bill’ inspired healing sessions with Katara, much of Korra’s internal conflicts made external, and enough Korra-Asami love to have the entire room cheering.

  • “If you say I ‘need to be patient,’ I’m going to water-smack you in the mouth.”
  • “I made them ‘Aang Rolls,’ and now they’re my biggest seller!”
  • “I recognized you, in a manner of speaking.” #TwinkleToes
  • After the episode, Janet Varney, David Faustino and PJ Byrne showed off a video of themselves warming up/goofing around, including David working around the Nick studio in search of a post-‘Korra’ job. Janet reads “The Giving Tree” to stuffed critters in order to cry on cue, and touches tongues with PJ Byrne. There you have it, Korra-Bolin shippers. In infamy.
  • The three also thanked the fans for the last few years, listing off the different ways in which fandom changed their lives. In particular, David Faustino would often find kids recognizing him for Mako, and their parents identifying him as Bud Bundy.
  • “I know that the show is gonna exist forever, because it’s JUST. THAT. GOD. DAMN. GOOD. Sorry I cursed, Nickelodeon.” – Janet Varney on the show’s ending.
  • Bryan and Mike showed off the many stages of Kuvira’s design, which began with an early appearance among Suyin Beifong’s dancers. In addition to the many design stages of her military garb and chevron ranking, the design was also changed to look less like that of a superhero, and ditching the character’s side-braid to look less like Katniss Everdeen
  • We also saw designs for Kuvira’s military, Baatar Jr. and “Corporal” Bolin included, with a distinct stormtrooper influence to some of the outfits.
  • The new Air Nation wingsuits were designed by Asami in-universe, though it wasn’t said in the premiere itself. Bryan worried about the suits looking too baggy, using Opal’s character sheet to streamline the design, and evolve into the finished product. Bryan also acknowledged complaints about Opal’s hair looking too similar to Korra’s new ‘do, something they only realized once the two hairstyles were in motion.
  • All of the characters essentially had to be redesigned for the three-year time jump, with Korra actually growing taller. Additionally, we saw some of her different incognito outfits, before ultimately settling on a more familiar Avatar look for Korra’s final design.
  • The creators also reiterated that we’d see ‘The Legend of Korra’’s videogame released this month, before showing off the Geof Darrow artwork we premiered exclusively yesterday.

You can check out some of the concept art images below, but what say you? Are you ready to say goodbye to ‘The Legend of Korra’ in a few weeks’ time? Stay tuned for “Korra Alone” to premiere tomorrow, as we bring you interviews with Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, David Faustino and P.J. Byrne in the coming weeks!

ScreenCrush / Kevin Fitzpatrick
ScreenCrush / Kevin Fitzpatrick
ScreenCrush / Kevin Fitzpatrick
ScreenCrush / Kevin Fitzpatrick