One can never have enough LEGO or Star Wars, and it seems Star Wars Rebels may soon have some company on the front of an animated galaxy far, far away. Disney XD and LEGO have joined for a new Star Wars series titled The Freemaker Adventures, following a family of starship builders a long, long time ago.

As read in the official announcement, and set to bow sometime this summer, Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures will follow a family of the same name, who cobble together and sell ships from salvaged parts throughout the Star Wars galaxy. The youngest finds an ancient “Kyber Saber,” and in turn his own Force-sensitivity (what, you thought a Star Wars show wouldn’t have a Jedi?), sending the family into “an epic struggle against the Empire to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy.”

LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures Poster
Lucasfilm / Disney XD

Both Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine will have roles in the series, while the full report confirms its setting between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. With regards to any real impact on continuity, they’re LEGOs. So chill your hyperdrive, flyboys.

In any case, stay tuned for further announcements on Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, and prepare your wallets for another LEGO pounding.

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