Our mouths have been salivating over photos of Daniel Day-Lewis as a perfect onscreen copy of our sixteenth president in Steven Spielberg's new film 'Lincoln.' So when are we going to see him and the rest of the cast in action? Our wish to see that is coming true next week, along with another cool goodie added onto it.

Next Thursday, September 13th at 4 PM, we'll be feasting our eyes on the first official trailer for Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln.' Now here's where the extra fun comes in. DreamWorks Pictures will be releasing the trailer while in the middle of a Google+ hangout. Now who's going to be in that hangout? None other than Steven Spielberg and the super cool Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Google+ will also be broadcast on the ABC Super Sign at Times Square in New York City. But don't go thinking that you can't participate in this gigantic conversation in a few days. You'll be able to submit your own question to Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the upcoming film, which you can do so on the link here. Cool, right? We think so.

Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln,' centering on our nation's sixteenth president during the Civil War, will be released in theaters nationwide on November 16th.

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