Don’t fret, Marvel Movie Fan With An Unlimited Income And A Corner In His Home That Cries Out For A Conversation Piece, the movie prop replica company Beast Kingdom has got you covered. They have revealed a life-size statue of Tony Stark’s Avengers 2 “Hulkbuster” armor and it can be yours for the totally reasonable and not-at-all-crazy price of $21,500.

Standing 9'10" tall, this Hulkbuster is the spitting image of the armor we’ve seen in action in all of the trailers and it’s so much grander than that $825 Hot Toys version. After all, if you can afford to blow nearly $1,000 on a toy than surely you can afford to blow $21,000 on a statue. That’s how it works when you’re rich, right? We wouldn’t know. (Please tell us what it’s like to have money. We hear it is wonderful.)

Anyway, the Hulkbuster armor is just one item in Beast Kingdom’s line of Marvel movie prop replicas. For the disposable-income-inclined who don’t have room for an 11-foot statue, they also offer items like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield. If you can’t be a superhero in real life, the least you can do is be rich enough to buy all of their weapons so you can look like some rich supervillain who killed all of the Avengers and decorates his home with his war trophies.

Prove your fandom by emptying your savings account and maxing out your credit card so you can buy this statue. Trust us. Your significant other will love it.

Avengers 2 opens on May 1, 2015.

Beast Kingdom