Marvel recognizes Tom Hiddleston's Loki as a clear fan favorite of its superhero universe, with more and more of his followers petitioning (literally) for him to get his own solo movie. While the studio isn't done yet with Thor's trickster brother, we're left to wonder what future movies might have in store for him. Well, so does Hiddleston, and he may have already thrown out a story idea involving another comic book trickster, Enchantress.

In the comics, Enchantress (aka Amora) was established as one of the more formidable Asgardian sorceresses, using her sexuality and magic to further her power. This character and her relationship to Loki was one of the many aspects of the 'Thor' universe that intrigued Hiddleston. Speaking with Total Film for its 'Thor 2'-themed issue, Hiddleston was asked whether or not we'd see this character in future 'Thor' or 'Avengers' movies, to which he replied:

When I was first reading the comics, the relationship with the Enchantress was one of the really fun things I thought would be good to explore, and may have even pitched it to Kevin Feige at some point. Because she is as sneaky and as untrustworthy as he was.

They basically had a really fantastic and twisted relationship until they both say, “You know what? I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. It’s over.” Because they keep betraying each other, in a way. So it could be good.

Hiddleston did want to clarify, however, that while an appearance from Enchantress might not happen, his character is by no means celibate. "I mean, Sleipnir is one of his children," he said. "Odin’s eight-legged horse in the mythology is one of Loki’s children. As is Fenrir the wolf." Interesting enough, in the comics when Loki brings about the events of Ragnarok -- based on actual Viking myth in which Fenrir is said to defeat the gods and swallow the sun -- the Enchantress was slain. Perhaps this is material for the Marvel Studios peeps to consider.

Well, regardless of what eventually comes to pass, we have not heard the last of Loki. In addition to teaming up with his brother in 'Thor 2' to take on the Dark Elf Malekith and his army, Feige teased a while back, "We think Loki could be the big bad for us, for a long time."

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