Loki Season 4 only has two more episodes to go, which means that we’re nearing the end of the story, which also means we’re getting close to seeing how this show is going to set up Avengers: Secret Wars — the epic conclusion to Marvel’s Multiverse Saga.

We have some very specific ideas about that. In our latest Marvel Cinematic Universe video, we review Episode 4 of Loki Season 2. But we also look ahead to the rest of the Multiverse Saga, and predict how this show is laying the groundwork for incursions, Kang returns, and so much more. Like in the comics Secret Wars will be an epic teamup that could bring together all kinds of characters from throughout Marvel movie history. But unlike the comics, in the MCU, the guy behind all of this stuff isn’t Doctor Doom; it’s Kang. Watch the full video below:

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If you liked that video reviewing this week’s Loki and exploring how the series is setting up Avengers: Secret Wars, check out more of our videos below, including all the Easter eggs and secrets in Episode 4 of Loki Season 2, one on why Doctor Strange is really the ultimate villain of the Multiverse Saga in the MCU, and why Quantumania would have been so much better if Kang had killed Ant-Man. Plus, there’s tons more videos over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. New episodes of Loki Season 2 premiere weekly on Disney+.

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