Louis C.K. has made abundantly clear that Louie feels like a past phase of his life, but if Larry David can kickstart the ol’ Curb Your Enthusiasm, surely C.K. can find new inspiration, right? FX certainly hopes so, wanting the comedian to reach a new, Louie-conducive phase of his life, whatever it takes.

Speaking with Deadline, FX boss John Landgraf acknowledged how heavily the comedian has started producing, as opposed to creating new content like Horace and Pete, though it shouldn’t preclude a return to his FX dramedy. Landgraf instead hopes that by the time C.K.’s kids grow up a bit further, or their father gets a new girlfriend, Louie might land some new inspiration:

He said publicly that he just has no more Louie to make at the moment about the stage in life he is living, and right now his focus very aggressively is on producing. I think my hope with Louie is that when he enters the next phase in his life — and I have no idea what that means, whether his kids get a little older or he falls in love, whatever — that will give him a pathway towards making more episodes of the the show.

Landgraf even explicitly made the Curb connection:

[I didn't forward that news to him], but I know he saw it. And he knows I know he saw it. But ultimately I don’t want him to make more episodes unless he wants to and they can be as good as the ones he’s made. This shouldn’t be a business exercise; it should be something creatively inspiring for him.

Last we heard, Louis C.K. felt he no longer had stories for “the just-divorced, kinda under-water dad/struggling New York comic” guy, but does Landgraf have a point about new phases of the comedian’s life? Will the next Louie season see him shipping those kids off to college, and taking in a December romance?

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