Louis C.K.’s Horace and Pete is far enough in the rear-view that Louie fans remain optimistic for a sixth season somewhere down the line, but the comedian doesn’t seem to be changing his tune on the beloved FX dramedy. Not only does the series remain on hiatus, C.K. himself says “I don’t think I have stories for that guy anymore.”

At the very least, C.K. implied that future Louie stories would look greatly different from the sad-sack struggling comedian we’ve known, telling The Hollywood Reporter he’d want to come back with a slightly different autobiographical perspective down the line:

I think the guy that I played on the show – the just-divorced, kinda under-water dad/struggling New York comic – I don’t think I have stories for that guy anymore … The show is autobiographical, so what [FX president and general manager] John Landgraf and I have always thought is that it may come back with a different set of stories from a different angle, a little further down the road. And I don’t know where that’s from yet, so it just depends on if it writes. I think, for me, if I’m on TV again doing a single-camera show, it’s Louie. But I don’t know. I have no idea.

For the moment at least, C.K. remains focused on the promotion of Horace and Pete, itself likely to end up on Netflix or Hulu to help recoup money the comedian sunk into the project. Certainly the Emmys push will keep C.K. in the limelight as well, but it doesn’t sound as if new Louie will be percolating in his mind anytime soon.