As Marvel nears its full-blown Defenders teamup, we’ve started to see more and more crossover of supporting characters in the individual series. No one personifies that better than Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, but according to a recent quote from Daredevil star Charlie Cox, we may already have seen the events of Season 2 crossing over with Luke Cage, and not even realized.

Take this with a minor grain of salt for the moment, but during a cast appearance at Wizard World Chicago over the weekend, Cox seemed to state that one of Matt and Claire’s first Daredevil Season 2 meetings features a cut on her eyebrow, one Cox later learned would serve as a plot point in Luke Cage. It isn’t clear if Cox means the cut was referenced in dialogue, or simply present in Dawson’s makeup during the scene (via ComicBookResources):

One thing that I thought was really cool is that in the second season [of 'Daredevil'], we had a scene together and in the storyline we hadn’t seen each other for a long time and it takes place at the hospital. Rosario had – Claire Temple has a cut in her eyebrow. So I was like, ‘What is that?’ Apparently it had nothing to do with our world but it’s part of ‘Luke Cage.’ The timeline had been thought through and worked out so that whatever’s going on in ‘Luke Cage,’ which we don’t know, I don’t know, somehow at some point during that show, the next day she’s in the hospital talking to me.

Cox’s words are a bit puzzling, given that no such references to Claire’s eyebrow appear in any scenes we could find (nor does it even appear wounded), while Dawson’s last Season 2 scenes see her leaving her job at the Hell’s Kitchen hospital, presumably toward whatever events lead her to reunite with Luke in the first place. Granted, it would make sense if some of the various series overlapped, as Luke left Hell’s Kitchen for Harlem in November 2015 our time, where Daredevil Season 2 appeared to take place from summer to Christmas (whether 2015 or 2016 is anyone’s guess, but definitely after Jessica Jones).

It’s also possible Cox is referring to as-yet unaired scenes between Matt and Claire, or even deleted scenes from the second season (no one on the panel, including Dawson, appear to contradict him), but for what it’s worth, we’ve reached out to Marvel for clarification.

Luke Cage itself will surely bring some further crossover, but what other Defender overlaps should we expect from the upcoming series?

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