For some movie stars, attending Comic-Con is a chore; a contractual obligation to be fulfilled as quickly and painlessly as possible. For others, Comic-Con is a massive perk, a chance to embrace their inner geek at the greatest celebration of the inner (and outer) geek on the entire planet.

Witness, for example, what Lupita Nyong’o did with some of her time at Comic-Con last weekend. When she wasn’t busy with her publicity obligations involving Marvel and her upcoming role in Black Panther (she plays Nakia, a former lover of Black Panther and member of his bodyguard team, the Dora Milaje), Nyong’o donned a Power Rangers costume and mask and wandered through the convention hall. Thousands were in the presence of an Oscar winner and Star Wars hero, and none of them had any idea.

Nyong’o just posted video of her San Diego adventures on Twitter. Take a look:

Nyong‘o is not the first star to go undercover at Comic-Con. Jared Leto once went to Comic-Con in New York and took pictures with guys dressed like the Joker for kicks. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, couldn’t enjoy the con floor without getting recognized, so he once put on a Spider-Man mask to go browsing amongst the many booths. And most famously, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston wandered around the convention center in cosplay as Walter White, his own character.

Still Lupita gets major points for fully documenting her experience. Plus that tuck and roll she shows off as the Pink Ranger is aces. Hopefully she gets to show off more moves in Black Panther, which opens in theaters on February 16, 2018.

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