Early buzz is already out for Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Man of Steel,' which will see beloved DC character Superman back on the big screen. Though we're still a ways away from the film's June premiere, some are saying it's "kicking all kinds of ass," which is great news, considering past reports claimed the future of the 'Justice League' movie was riding on the response from Superman. Now, however, rumor has it that we might still have to wait a while as a 'Man of Steel 2' seems more likely to come before the DC team gets together.

A while ago, back in 2011, Think McFly Think dropped a report claiming Warner Bros. to be up for making a 'Man of Steel 2' with either Steve Kloves, Travis Beacham or Lawrence Kasdan penning the script. That was back even before the film finished production, and these rumors are now back in the forefront coming off of beaming early reviews for 'Man of Steel.'

Keeping in mind nothing has been officially confirmed, TMT is now reporting that David Goyer, who worked on Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy as well as 'Man of Steel,' is now penning a script for 'Man of Steel 2.' All we can say is, the first movie must be really good -- or rather, it better be good! But what about 'Justice League'?

What was once thought to be a sure thing now seems to be falling to pieces as complications with the 'Justice League' script and whether it has enough steam to compete with Marvel's 'The Avengers' have come to light. One previous report stated that if 'Man of Steel' performed well, which so far it probably will, that WB would proceed with the Superman trilogy, thereby pushing 'Justice League' back to 2021.

What do you think? Do you think we'll ever see a 'Justice League' movie? Are you excited to hear that a Superman trilogy is rumored to be a go? Give us your thoughts in the comments.