A handful of new 'Man of Steel' clips have made their way online, giving us a glimpse at what it looks like when Superman fights his enemies. The footage is fast, furious and has to be seen to be believed!

The clips have been recorded off of TV, unfortunately, but you'll still get your 'Man of Steel' fix. In the first one, we see Superman (Henry Cavill) attack General Zod (Michael Shannon) in the heat of anger, driving him through a building, across a field and into a gas station! Even with the low-quality of the video, this is an impressive clip, and the first real instance of the movie's action that we've received. There's no question that this will look glorious on a big screen.

The next 'Man of Steel' clip, revealed via Christopher Meloni's visit to HuffPost Live!, introduces us to Kryptonian villainess Faora (Antje Traue), aiming to kick the butt of Colonel Hardy (Meloni), who has apparently just narrowly survived a helicopter crash. It doesn't seem like the Colonel has a chance in hell, until ... see for yourself.

The final video offers a montage of short clips: Superman in custody telling the military that they can't control him (he's obviously only in custody because he chooses to be there), a quick look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El, and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) informing young Clark Kent that "he is the answer."

'Man of Steel' opens next Friday, June 14.