Did you spot it? Hidden in the new 'Man of Steel' trailer is a direct Lex Luthor reference, giving further credence to the rumors that the Superman arch-nemesis will make an appearance in the film. If you missed it, we've slowed the trailer down and will show you what this ‘Man of Steel’ easter egg is and where it’s located.

Starting at 2:18 into the awesome new 'Man of Steel' trailer, there is a shot of the Metropolis skyline with flaming objects hurtling towards Earth. What they are and where they are coming from remains to be seen, but in the background you can clearly see one of the skyscrapers in the city. And that building is owned by LexCorp.

Originally designed as an aerospace engineering firm, LexCorp was started by Lex Luthor, a ruthless businessman with designs on world domination (at one point in the comics it's mentioned that LexCorp employs over 2/3 of the Metropolis population).

Now whether 'Man of Steel' will actually feature Lex Luthor, we're not 100% sure, though writer David Goyer has gone out of his way to make sure he never said he wasn't in the movie.

Take a look at a screencap of the LexCorp building below and, while you're at it, you can watch that new 'Man of Steel' trailer again in HD.

Man of Steel trailer Lexcorp

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