While a Shazam-powered 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' post-credits scene seems to hint at a Sinister Six lineup, reports thereafter confirmed that the official movie lineup has actually yet to be decided upon by 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' director Marc Webb and 'Sinister Six' director Drew Goddard. As they work out their scripts for the upcoming Spidey films, it couldn't hurt to speculate, and who better to speculate than Marc Webb himself.

Webb spoke to ComicBook.com and was asked which of Spidey's many villains he'd like to include in the next film. Most directors would pass, with a stock answer like, "I haven't started thinking about the sequel yet," but Webb admitted he's got some definite ideas on who would be joining the Sinister Six.

Kraven. I like the idea of Kraven. The Vulture. Ock. I always thought the idea of Mysterio was interesting. Maybe Scorpion. But really, Kraven I think is kind of interesting.

If you watched that clip after 'Amazing Spider-Man 2,' it hinted at Green Goblin, Vulture, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Kraven and Mysterio as the Sinister Six lineup. And, those - minus a "maybe" for Scorpion - are the names Webb drops here.

Up until now, the villains have all been contained in the Oscorp universe. Goblin, Lizard and Electro were Oscorp employees and Rhino was eventually funded by Oscorp tech. So, if Oscorp is the so-called "evil empire," where do Kraven and Mysterio fit into this? We already saw teases of the Octopus and Vulture tech in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' but how (or, if) they'll spin the remaining villains into the fold will be interesting.

It's unclear who has final say on the Sinister Six lineup: is it Webb, who is introducing the villains in 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' or is it Goddard, who's actually directing 'Sinister Six'? Or, is it the producers and execs at Sony? We'll guess any new villains will have to share time with Green Goblin (be it Harry or a revived Norman), so 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' is already looking more jam-packed than the second installment.

What do you think of Webb's suggestion for a Sinister Six lineup? Are there any that you'd like to add or remove? Let us know in the comments below.

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