After making 'The Happening,' it seems that Mark Wahlberg has been interested in making intentional comedies. Though he's been funny in the films of David O. Russell, he's been branching out - working with Adam McKay in 'The Other Guys' and Seth McFarlane in 'Ted.' Now he's up for a film called 'Avon Men.'

This news comes from Deadline, and the concept is that Wahlberg and a group of his friends are laid off and go to work as Avon ladies. This would then be about the second comedy about displaced workers following 'The Internship.' But 'Avon Men' has the advantage of having been in development for a while - originally Hugh Jackman was going to star in the film, but he had a scheduling conflict with 'The Wolverine.'

Mark Wahlberg has been racking up projects of late, with '3 Mississippi' and the John Grisham adaptation 'The Partner.' Wahlberg has described himself as 'a hustler' so perhaps he likes to have his bases covered. Besides the upcoming 'Ted' he's also got 'Broken City' with Russell Crowe and Michael Bay's 'Pain and Gain' coming in 2013. So that means if this goes forward, the film wouldn't be hitting theaters until 2014. Likely one or two of these projects will evaporate - or Wahlberg will stay on solely in a producer capacity.