In an effort to make some of us feel old (and celebrate their 25th anniversary) FOX is re-airing the pilot episode of "Married with Children" on April 22nd to kick off a special night of programming.

The irreverent family sitcom, which premiered back in 1987, played a large role in helping the struggling FOX carve out its niche among "the big three" networks. And of course, FOX wouldn't be on the air today if it weren't for "The Simpsons" The network will air a repeat of that show's 500th episode following "Married with Children."

A two-hour special will follow at 8PM, featuring some of FOX's brightest stars, including the Wayans brothers, Ashton Kutcher and David Duchovny talking about their early days on shows like "In Living Color," That '70s Show" and "The X-Files." The cast of "Married with Children" will also be on hand to discuss their time together during the show's eleven season run.

FOX's 25th anniversary celebration, which starts at 7PM with "Married with Children," should be a fun night for TV fans or fans of the '90s in general. Till then, check out some behind-the-scenes photos of the FOX 25th Anniversary special.